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Il mare in bocca


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Il mare in bocca (The sea in the mouth) is a collection of poems by Francesca Fattinger that aims to highlight the many facets of poetry: its visual, bodily and aural soul, because when writing poetry one is working with the body, the sound of the words and the images they generate, evoke and transform. 

The same journey through images to which each poem refers begins as an illustrated translation of the poetic narrative in words, but in reality, as in the case of the English and German translations, we are witnessing the flowering of a new text: in Mirijam Heiler’s hands a new embroidery of glances is woven, chasing each other from one illustration to the next and revealing how the story can once again be renewed and become a source of enrichment for the previous versions.


Author: Francesca Fattinger
Year: December 2021
Edition: 100
Pages: 55
Format: soft cover + box

Languages: Italian/German/English

Publishing: franzLAB
Illustration: Mirijam Heller
Design Concept: Christoph Mich
English Translation: Nicole Fersko
German Translation: Georg Zeller
Printing: Dialog

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