Moreness 02
On Trees and Woods


The paper magazine MORENESS – A monograph on the state of being more investigates and interrogates the Dolomites as a living and lived contemporary space through sets of trans-disciplinary trilogies. Text and image interlace in a narrative that can be read horizontally according to the table of contents or vertically following six hyperlinks running thematically through the volume. Quotes & Notes complete the immersive reading experience pushing the reader beyond the paper confines of the magazine.

Moreness’ mountain trilogy is a metaphorical descent from the pinnacle of high-altitude mountain to the trees and woods populating the back of the boulders, and down to the core of wood and timber. A word-and-image journey into the shades and scale of the Dolomites rendered palpable through a sartorial choice of paper, design and typography, tailored to the materiality and meaning proper of a multidimensional kind of mountain.

In “MORENESS – On Trees and Woods” the acumen of neuroscientists, physicists, philosophers, artists and chefs dissects the swarming life of trees, woods and its undergrowth. Far from the most beaten tracks, the complex environment of the forest is magnified in the nodal points where the human and the animal meet, where the paradisiac turns into the disastrous, where the fictional supersedes the historical. The volume was a finalist in the prestigious Fedrigoni Top Award (2021).

Highlights: Philosopher Emanuele Coccia and historian of art and design Emanuele Quinz share the lessons they learned from the woods; curator of the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennial Alessandro Melis looks at trees as indicators of climate change; the former editor-in-chief of SPEX Arno Raffeiner examinates how a forest becomes a soundscape; performance platform Mali Weil explores the cultural imaginary behind the contemporary idea of the wood; cultural columnist of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung Sonja Kastilan celebrates the micro-organisms living in the wood.

Contributors: Johannes Frasnelli, Barbora Foerster, Pierangelo Giacomuzzi, Tommaso Anfodillo, Giulia Mirandola, Susanne Barta, Lorenzo Barbasetti, Guido Musante, Arno Raffeiner, Brigitte Niedermair, Amira Fritz, Miriam Montani, Roberta Segata, Werner Neururer, Davide Perbellini, Irene Hopfgartner, Christa Pertl, Gabriela Oberkofler, Sophie Gogl, Giampietro Sono Fazion, Matthieu Kavyrchine, Giacomo Bianchi, Allegra Baggio Corradi, Jelle Kalsbeek.


Authors: various
Year: August 2020
Edition: 2000 copies
Pages: 200
Format: soft cover, 4 different paper types, serigraphy, gravure printing and perforation, , 21 x 28 cm
ISSN: 27046877

Languages: German/Italian/English

Concept & publishing: franzLAB
Design: Studio typeklang
Printing: Dialog

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