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Above the Tree Line


The paper magazine MORENESS – A monograph on the state of being more investigates and interrogates the Dolomites as a living and lived contemporary space through sets of trans-disciplinary trilogies. Text and image interlace in a narrative that can be read horizontally according to the table of contents or vertically following six hyperlinks running thematically through the volume. Quotes & Notes complete the immersive reading experience pushing the reader beyond the paper confines of the magazine.

Moreness’ mountain trilogy is a metaphorical descent from the pinnacle of high-altitude mountain to the trees and woods populating the back of the boulders, and down to the core of wood and timber. A word-and-image journey into the shades and scale of the Dolomites rendered palpable through a sartorial choice of paper, design and typography, tailored to the materiality and meaning proper of a multidimensional kind of mountain.

In “MORENESS – Above the Tree Line” the penetrating gaze of architects, scientists, philosophers, artists and thinkers smoothens the rough edges of the Dolomites to reveal the artistic, scientific and spiritual potential of this “place of the impossible”. Cultural high-altitude mountaineering as a trans-disciplinary activity of the mind and the body alike.

Highlights: Antonio De Rossi, director of the Institute of Mountain Architecture at the Turin Polytechnic, and Laura Mascino, professor of urban planning at the Milan Polytechnic, explore the architecture of hospitality in the Dolomites; Gianluca d’Incà Levis, founder of Dolomiti Contemporanee, explains the why and how of his curatorial practice in the Dolomites; curator Andreas Hapkemeyer investigates the relationship between contemporary art and high altitude; Moreness’ editor-in-chief Kunigunde Weissenegger interviews three-times Michelin starred chef Norbert Niederkofler; a photo essay celebrates the land-art project SMACH.

Contributors: Marco Ferrari, Verena Pliger, Daniel Depellegrin, Paolo Costa, Maria Oberrauch, Laura Mascino, Claudio Larcher, Kunigunde Weissenegger, Maria Quinz, Anna Quinz, Leonhard Angerer, Daniela Brugger, Niccolò Biddau, Hubert Kostner, Philipp Messner, Martin Kippenberger, Marco Pietracupa, Mirko Piffer, Michael Pitts, Gustav Willeit, Walter Nierdermayr, Mario Tomè.


Authors: various
Year: November 2019
Edition: 2000 copies
Pages: 200
Format: soft cover, 4 different paper types, serigraphy, gravure printing and perforation, 21 x 28 cm
ISSN: 27046877

Languages: Italian/German/English

Concept & publishing: franzLAB
Design: Studio typeklang
Printing: Dialog

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