Storytelling innovativo dei beni culturali
hefte Volume #01

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ArTVision+ is a European-wide project led by the Management Faculty of the Ca’ Foscari University. Moving from a desire to lay out the storytelling strategies behind tourism marketing, franzLAB developed an academic yet accessible publication destined to the university’s partner institutions. A fresh and clear language together with a sleek graphic design characterise a volume that informs and provides insights into an otherwise theoretical content. The book is interspersed with practical case studies that explain the how-to covered in a video produced by ArtVision+ as a starting point for a wider discourse. A “more than apples and cows” approach to storytelling translates practically in a volume that speaks of and is shaped around its core body of text.


Author: Fabrizio Panozzo
Year: 2019
Pages: 80
Format: PDF
ISBN: 9788894480900

Language: Italian

Concept & publishing: franzLAB
Design: Studio Babai
Printing: Tipografia Valgimigli

franzLAB Genossenschaft
Società Cooperativa
Lauben 35 Portici
39100 Bolzano Bozen
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